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"A Cup of Joe" (What's Your Story?)

      Here at Davy Joe’s we love a good origin story, and as with all our favorite “tales” we love one open to interpretation. So sit back, have yourself a cup of Joe and enjoy the read.

      “A Cup of Joe” - a pretty common nickname given to our favorite morning (mid-morning, mid-day, evening, even night time) drink. Ok, for most of us it’s our favorite nonalcoholic drink in general, (although for some of us it may be our favorite alcoholic beverage as well). 

       But….. where did the term “A cup of Joe” come from?.... Well, to be honest no one really knows. 

      Yes there are several theories. Some say it comes from the military use of the word on board naval ships when alcohol was first banned back in 1918 by (then) Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels making coffee the strongest drink available on board naval vessels. It’s rumored that sailors started calling it a cup of “Joe” as a joke in spite of him. This theory is the most fun, but there are studies that say the term was used well before the ban of alcohol onboard ships.

       Another theory is that it’s a shortened version of a cup of “java” or Jamoke” and that people got lazy as with all things and nicknamed it “Joe” for short. Based on research it seems the shortening of “Jamoke” rings truest. 

      Yet another theory, some would say that coffee is a “common mans” drink and Joe is a common name dating back to the early 1800’s, thus a fun spin off due to the popularity of the drink a “cup of Joe” was born. 

      So which theory is correct? Well, no one can be certain, but that’s the joy and mystery behind all great things. We’ll leave you to decide which theory you choose to believe. 

"Whatever, your story is, live it."