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Davy Jones (What's Your Story?)

Hey Everyone!

Did you know that much like the phrase “A cup of Joe” that Davy Jones (or Davy Jones’ Locker) is another phrase used that no one knows the origin of?

The earliest written references to the term can be found from the early 1700’s where the phrase is used to describe a resting place at the bottom of the Sea that Sailors go to when they die. But there are many “stories”about why it’s called “Davy Jones”.

We all know the common “villain” from the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean, where Davy Jones was an infamous pirate and captain of the Flying Dutchman who would punish all those that crossed him.

There is also rumor that he was a British bar keep who would lock away drunken Sailors and then gave them away to ship owners to “deal” with them. Or that he was a real pirate from the 1600’s (although not a famous one). Another names him Duffer Jones, a notorious Sailor who more times than not found himself overboard and in need of rescuing.

Another story depicts it’s origin as the Saint David of Whales as Sailors would rely on him for protection during uncertain times and yet another says that it is the ghost of the biblical “Jonah” who survived in the belly of a whale.

So which theory is correct? We’ll leave you to decide which theory you choose to believe.

It’s Your Story, Live it.